Now, plastic waste is probably the most topical conservation subject at the moment. So many horrible images of plastic items being cut from the stomachs of dead sea birds. Sometimes it’s not clear if the birds died from the plastic or having their stomachs cut open by the beannie wearing unwashed, but you have to... Continue Reading →



Amidst all the debates, the Punch and Judy exchanges, the vilification of our main two political party leaders, the celebrity social media indignation - one thing is absolutely clear as we go into 2019. UK politics is fucked. We've let a Remainer lead Brexit, a woman who has split her party in two with her... Continue Reading →

Xmas FM

It's the 1st December, time for radio stations to dust off the seasonal tunes and play them on a continuous loop for 29 days. Except, of course, they've actually already been playing them for the past 4 weeks. So here is my honest appraisal of the worst and best Christmas songs of all time. Please, no.... Continue Reading →


There was a time when nobody really cared if you wore a poppy or not, never mind what colour it was. A time when, in the words of Ray Davies, "Girls will be boys and boys will be girls", and it didn't matter. Admittedly he thought it was a mixed up, muddled up, shook up... Continue Reading →


I've always liked Yorkshire and its people. Friendly, down to earth, straight-forward. Maybe that's why I decided to support Leeds United when there are probably 20 or so top football teams geographically closer to the place of my birth. But one particular bloke from God's Own Country pisses me off every year. By attempting to... Continue Reading →


Having a stroke really focuses the mind. It makes you realise how much your loved ones mean to you. It makes you realise that life is too short to fuck around. And it makes you realise just how good bacon tastes. I had a stroke a couple of months ago - nothing too major, just... Continue Reading →


Should we hold a second Brexit referendum? WTF indeed. The thing is we had a vote, the good guys lost, let's get on with it. Everyone had their own reasons for voting leave. One of these reasons may have been  racism, and another maybe based on an individual's very personal circumstances. Fair enough (sort of). But... Continue Reading →


A few years ago I was asked who in the business world I most admired. My reply, to the slight surprise of my questioner, was Ryanair's Michael O'Leary. My reasoning was that he had a built a very successful brand with only one real benefit, that of perceived low cost. Yes, your £25 flight to Venice... Continue Reading →


'NIMBY' is an overused acronym. I know that because I use it far too often myself; a knee-jerk reaction when I hear of protests against new housing developments or transport links. We have a severe housing crisis in the UK and one of the only solutions is to develop land close to current amenities and infrastructure. Constructing new... Continue Reading →

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